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Advantage Success Stories #1
                    I spoke with Susan Hartley from Sue Jane Hair and Beauty last week regarding running a last minute campaign. They moved over... More
Test Case – Online Booking
Lloyd Hughes of the Razors Edge Salons in Portsmouth has been a valued client of Salon Advantage for several years. He and his team helped to test online booking prior to release... More
3 Ways to Make January a Great Start to the Year
1. Double Loyalty points in January   Our Smart Loyalty Scheme has been a real success this year enabling Salon Advantage Salons to enhance their branding and retain more clients by using... More
The Simplest Way to Get Clients Visiting More Frequently…
  The Simplest Way to get Clients visiting more often is to ask them! We recently analysed the results achieved by 20 Salons running Salon Advantage Smart Marketing “Appointment Due” Campaign. This campaign is sent... More
Fast Facebook for salons. 5 top tips. (infographic)
GUEST BLOG: By Adam at social media specialists Lindon East. They work for companies like Body Shop UK and Salon Advantage, providing Facebook expertise and customisation. Busy hair salon owners, busy small... More
Great Consultations – 7 step guide to making every client feel special
Client loyalty is essential for a prosperous salon. There are many ways to earn it, and today we’re going to talk about one of the best. You only meet someone for the... More
5 Ways to keep New Clients coming back (infographic)
Recently we did some market research about New Clients.* Headline Results 30% of all clients who visited a salon were new On average for each 10 new clients only four visited for... More
How appointment reminders make salons money (infographic)
Perhaps you feel that a booking is as good as a sale? Or perhaps you know, as most of us have learned the hard way, that until the cash is in the... More
5 steps to building a new stylist client list
We are frequently asked how long it takes for a new salon or new team member to become busy. That’s logical of course. We’re really being asked, ‘how long until I’m in... More
Do salon loyalty schemes work? – 5 tip guide (Infographic)
The straightforward answer is ‘yes’, loyalty schemes do work. Big brands use them, so they must. Today however, I’m going to tell you how they work best for Salons. It’s almost impossible... More