3 Tips To Boost Salon Sales

How about a Pay Rise?

Be honest… How many times have you created a plan, made an enthusiastic start and before you know it things have petered out before they really got started?

Make this time different, implement and consistently carry out some very simple strategies that will add extra income to your bottom line.

I have a friend who is a Business Consultant. He works on the assumption that there is always 10% saving in any organisation which bodes well for him as his customers are usually fairly large businesses so a 10% saving will always more than justify his fee.

If there is 10% saving in every business surely with some creativity and applied strategy there must be 10% salon growth.

I have worked with thousands of salons over 2 decades. I can count on 1 hand the number of salons that are fully occupied, maximise every retail and up-sell opportunity, re-book routinely and consistently apply a marketing plan. So assuming you are like 99.9% of salons you probably have the capacity to apply the 10% rule.

Here are some very basic calculations.

The average number of clients per team member is approximately 200

The Average number of visits per year per client is 6

The Average Bill Per Client is approximately £35.00

200 Clients x 6 Visits x £35 Average Bill = £42,000 Net Annual Sales by Team

Add the 10% Rule and you get…

220 Clients x 6.6 Visits x £38.50 Average Bill = £55,902 Net Annual Sales by Team!
That equals £13,902 per team member which is a 33% increase!

The average salon has 5 team members. Achieve this and You have just given yourself a £69,510 pay rise.

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