Increase Salon Sales During Summer Holidays

Modern technology is great, but destroying modern technology is even better!

Scarcity, be it perceived or real has been used as a successful marketing tactic by luxury brands for some time.

Apple create limited availability every time they produce a new iPhone or MacBook, and nobody buys a Rolex because they need to know the time.

As a salon owner you will almost definitely have hair stylists and beauty therapists taking their summer holidays. This can be a double edged sword, your colleagues need and deserve a break but being away may well impact their commission and quite probably your salon performance.

This is a great opportunity to create some perceived scarcity in your salon. By identifying a team members clients that are due book in the near future but do not currently have a booking you can create a list of clients who are likely to respond to a notification that their hair stylist will be unavailable for a couple of weeks very soon and has limited space now and is already very busy when they return.

In Salon Advantage Pro we have simple to use marketing filters that will send text and email to a hair stylists clients letting them know that their stylist is going away and has limited space advising them to book.

This week one of our clients did exactly this and within 4 days of running the campaign had secured £1695.00 in additional bookings.

We’d be delighted to help you do the same.

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