Salon Marketing Ideas – Last Minute Diary Filler

This weeks Salon Marketing Idea is to fill last minute space by inviting clients who are due to visit to take advantage of some limited availability. Creating perceived scarcity will increase your response rate.

Recently Olivia from Cruz Hair & Beauty used Salon Advantage Pro to send a text message to clients when she had some unexpected cancellations coming up to the weekend.

She selected salon clients who had visited less than 4 months ago and more than one month ago and then promoted a limited offer with selected hair stylists. The results were amazing with the response valued at £675.00.

“I ran this campaign to fill some unexpected cancellations, we filled a lot of the space and took an extra £675 in 3 days”

Olivia Murray
Cruz Hair & Beauty

Key steps are:

  • Identify clients who are likely to respond.
  • Limit the number of opportunities to create demand.
  • Make the expiry date very soon. It really is a limited offer.

See below for a video overview on how to create this salon marketing campaign in Salon Advantage Pro.

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