Update 31.07.19 – Schedules

Your new schedules Section is here

Schedules can now be found in your Team section under each Team members individual profile. 

Rotas have been completely overhauled – You can now create your team members rotas with a simple ‘drag to create time’ system! Adding recurring breaks is super simple with the plus and minus break icons in the bottom right corner and you can now customise the break name using the Edit icon on the far right.

Holiday Allowance and basic tracking have also been added – Enter the amount of days allocated to the Team Member and the start of their holiday year and start booking! Hey, you can even add emoji’s to the holiday name.

Finally,  Absence entry is now as simple as entering a start and end date! Simply head into the Schedules section, select Absence and book out a Team member for anything needed.

Find guides on how to preform all of the new functions in your FAQ section under Team Management!

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