Salon Marketing Ideas – Stylist going on holiday campaign

You may be surprised at how much extra money a hair stylist can generate for your salon by going on holiday!

I was reviewing some of the campaigns sent by our clients recently and came across a hairdressing salon advising their clients a couple of weeks before their stylists went on holiday that their stylist would be away and is getting busy before they go.

It’s a brilliant idea and the results speak for themselves.

The approach is simple:

Identify clients who are either due to visit or are about to be. (a good starting point is clients who have visited less than four months ago and more than one).

Be personal. Make your text or email personal and send it from the hair stylist as opposed to your salon. An example that achieved excellent engagement was a text using this content.

“Hi Jane, I thought you’d like to know that I am away for 2 weeks from August 21st. I’m getting really busy before I go & when I get back. If you need to book call 01273 921691. Many thanks Marie”

"I didn't realise how much extra business we could generate with something so quick, inexpensive and simple"
Michael Todd
Michael Todd Hairdressing

It is a simple message and is multifaceted. It demonstrates that you value your client and is courteous. In many cases you really are helping your clients as it is likely many will want to visit when you are away or unavailable. It also (and very importantly) shows that your time is scarce and good old fashioned demand being greater than supply can achieve wonders.

A salon owner who ran this campaign last week generated an additional 28 bookings with a value of £1400 in seven days.

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