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Say Hello To AI Inspired Automatic Smart Marketing

11 salon marketing campaigns that run completely automatically every day to build your salon business.

Running professional hairdressing and beauty salons we aim to prioritise marketing. In reality daily tasks get in the way and largely it remains on our “to do” list.

Deciding what to offer, to which clients and when to send is difficult. Finding the right tone and offering value is essential.

Salon Advantage have 11 built in automatic text and email campaigns with templates that send to the right salon clients at the right time. Regardless if you are busy, enjoying a day off or on holiday your salon marketing gets done.

People do business with people they like know and trust; these campaigns increase client frequency, client spend and client lifetime value. All will strengthen client relationships.

Select which campaigns you want to run with a simple click.

We offer a bespoke service and will be happy to create custom templates and content to your own specification. Whichever option is taken you can forget all about the work and enjoy the results.

We have segmented your clientele into 4 groups, non returning clients, regulars, new and 2nd visit clients. Communication with your clients is personalised, engaging and relevant to the category they are in.

Non Returning Client Campaigns

We have implemented cutting edge AI inspired technology to calculate precisely the optimum time to contact a non returning client. Average client frequency is calculated and clients contacted when they are overdue for their appointment based on how often they visit as opposed to making assumptions.

For example contacting clients when they are 50% overdue means that you will be sending the same message to different clients when they have not visited for varying amounts of time. A client who typically books every six weeks will be contacted after nine weeks and a client who visits every 12 weeks won’t be contacted until they have not been in for 18 weeks.

Historically non returning clients have been contacted after not visiting for an arbitrary number of weeks typically between 12 and 15. This method will generate reasonable engagement but there will be clients who visit more or less frequently. These clients may well have been elsewhere (if they visit quite frequently) or wait for the offer if they visit less often. By calculating accurately when your client is 50% overdue will mean that you are contacting fewer clients but getting improved engagement.

Non Returner Stage 1

Sent to regular client when they leave their booking 50% longer than their average frequency. A small incentive of £5 off your return visit is offered.

“Hi Maggie, We have missed seeing you at Your Salon Name. Show this message and save £5 off your next bill! T: 01273 921691”

Non Returner Stage 2

Sent to regular client when they leave their booking 100% longer than their average frequency. A more generous incentive of £10 off your return visit is offered.

“Hi Maggie, We haven’t seen you for a while at Your Salon Name & would love to see you again. Show this message and to welcome you back we will take £10 off your next bill! Book now on 01273 921691”

Regular Client Campaigns

Clients that have visited 3 or more times. We recommend a personal and engaged tone reflecting the warm relationship you have established with these clients. The goal is increased client frequency and lifetime value.

Next visit due campaign

People are busy and things including making a salon appointment get put off. Often clients say something like “I have been meaning to book for ages”. Send simple reminders 7 weeks after the most recent appointment prompting to book. This simple campaign gets outstanding results from it. It’s a courtesy message so no incentives are required.

“Hi Magie just a polite reminder from Your Salon Name that it’s time to book your next appointment. Call 01273 921691 to book.”

Birthday greetings

Almost everyone enjoys being appreciated on their birthday. This simple birthday greeting will be sent to your clients wishing them a wonderful day taking advantage of a further opportunity to build rapport.

“Happy Birthday Maggie! Wishing you a wonderful day from the team at Your Salon Name. T: 01273 921691”

Cancellation Campaign

A polite message sent three days after a cancellation was made and no next booking made. A simple memory jogger to engage your clients.

“Hi Maggie, thanks for letting us know you couldn’t make your last booking at Your Salon Name. We look forward to seeing you again when it’s convenient. T: 01273 921691”

No Show Campaign

Clients sometimes stop visiting after they No Show. This can be for a number of reasons not least that they may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Sending a polite message one day after their No Show will let them know you’d like to see them again.

“Hi Maggie, you missed your booking at Your Salon Name yesterday. Please call 01273 921691 when you are looking to rebook. Many thanks”

New Client Campaigns

On average only 20% of new clients return after their first visit.Contacting new clients after their first visit reliably and consistently increases retention exponentially. We recommend three new client campaigns.

First visit courtesy

Sent the day after your client’s 1st visit. Building rapport is a simple welcome message with no call to action or offer. We want your client to feel they are experiencing excellent service from the beginning.

“Hi Maggie, welcome to The Salon Name. We hope you enjoyed your 1st visit & look forward to seeing you again. Tel 01273 921691”

First Visit 1st Chaser

Is sent to new clients 28 days after their first visit when they have not booked to return (if they have booked they will be excluded). The standard template incentivises your new client with a small reduction of £5 redeemed against their second appointment. New clients are easily tempted elsewhere, our aim is to keep their attention.

“Hi Maggie, we were delighted you chose Your Salon Name recently & would love to see you again. As a welcome gift enjoy £5 off your next visit with this message. Call 01273 921691 to book.”

First Visit 2nd Chaser

Sent 60 days after the initial visit when and no future booking made. The longer your new client leaves their return visit the less likely they will return. Increase your offer to £10 redeemed against the second visit.

“Hi Maggie, Save £10 off your 2nd visit to Your Salon Name with this text! rWe would love to see you again. Call 01273 921691 to book.”

2nd Visits Clients

An average 30% of clients who visit twice come back as a regular client. These two subtle campaigns typically increase this by an average of 50%.

2nd Visit Courtesy:

Sent one day after a 2nd visit. We aim to compound on the rapport already being established after the initial visit.

“Hi Maggie it was lovely to see you again. We look forward to welcoming you back to Your Salon Name very soon. Call 01273 921691”

2nd Visit chaser

Sent 28 days after a 2nd visit and no future booking is made. We avoid a discount or incentive in this message. It’s likely your client responded to an incentive after their first visit, avoid a “discount culture”.

“Hi Maggie, Thank you for coming back to Your Salon Name recently we are grateful for your custom & look forward to looking after you for a long time to come. T: 01273 921691”

Great concept, we do it and it works, Salon Advantage have an abundance of experience, there has not been one marketing strategy that they have suggested that hasn’t brought in lots of new business and regained some old!
Thanks Salon Advantage.

Michael Todd
Michael Todd Hair Esign

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