Salon Settings Update 16.09.2019

Contact details allow you to update and replace your salon logo using a png or jpeg file. When loaded here this is the logo that will be used within online booking settings if active. 

Both Salon and Account details can be stored if different and when edits carried out they will be auto saved.

Reminders. The number of days in advance that reminders are sent is set here as well as the time that they start and stop sending each day. This is used to ensure messages are being received by your clients at “socially acceptable” times. 

You can edit the content of the text reminder using any of the personalisation fields to ensure that your messages are as you would like them to be. Email reminder templates can also be created using logos, images and personalisation fields.

Online booking view settings are controlled here. Choose if you would like to display start times on, quarter past, half past ands or quarter to the hour when your clients book. 

You can also add your online booking widget to your website using the snippet of code and edit colour preferences.


PINS are activated here and when marked as active you can toggle on and off sections as required.


Prompts are made active and inactive according to your preferences using the simple toggle on and off switches.


Loyalty Scheme settings are configured here. Select if cards or fobs will be used. You can specify if a client will receive points based on spend or visits. Rewards are set to either a value or service / product reward and you can also set a minimum number of points to be reached before any redemptions take place.

Discounts are set to either a percentage or monetary value, can be added, edited and or deleted


Types and Tags is where you would manage drop down lists including stock manufacturers and categories. 

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