Come back to a full column of clients after maternity leave

Maternity leave will put pressure on salon profitability.

Jenna Robinson with her business partner Lisa runs LJ Nantwich, a thriving hairdressing salon in Nantwich Cheshire.

Like many she juggles building a business and raising a family and will soon return to work after maternity leave.

She is a pivotal member of her team adding significantly to the salon profitability and will return to work running a column for three days in November. Clearly she wants this to be productive and lucrative.

“I needed to contact the clients that I looked after before going on maternity. I am looking to make the most of the part time hours that I will be in the salon. With Advantage Pro I was able to select a list of established clients who visited me in the several months leading up to my maternity. The message was that I was back for limited hours and it would be wise to book ahead to ensure getting a booking. I wanted to do this campaign first to see what kind of outcome I might get without incentivising clients to ensure that I was getting the best average bill and to give my most loyal clients preference”.

“Its been amazing, within a few days I have received bookings valued at over £2,300! I only contacted key clients so this return was made from a campaign costing less than £10”

Jenna will see how the diary is looking nearer the time and may well contact clients who stopped using the salon when she went on leave with an incentive. 

“Advantage Pro gives me so much flexibility to contact clients and the returns have been consistently very high”.
Jenna Robinson

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