More sales even when you take holiday

Victoria Waken runs a wonderful hairdressing salon in Hammersmith with a team of like minded professionals. Like many she and several team members work to balance business and home life.

School holidays can create serious challenges with several team members needing to take time away from the salon at the same time which can have a dramatic impact on revenue.

“During school holidays I need to ensure that when the team are in they are working at full capacity to compensate for the time away from the business. This year we used Advantage Pro to contact regular clients who were likely to book over the holiday period. I wanted to ensure that they would not have to face a 2 or 3 week wait when they called, and by letting them know in advance we avoided this.

The response was really positive and the increased revenue dwarfed the cost of sending the campaign.

As a result this year we were 20% up on the same period last year!”

I have been so impressed with the way Vicky used her database to avoid disappointment for her clients, ensure her team are benefitting in the best way and running a more profitable business when it would be so easy to accept a lesser outcome. It proves the power of proactive and intelligent marketing and making technology work for you.

About the author: Colin Shove

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