Kickstart your Christmas rush early

Here we share three ways to drum up some business leading up to the festive period starting now. 

Last Minute Diary Filler

Contacting clients that are overdue an appointment will often produce incredible returns. We recommend that your communications contain 3  simple elements to get the best engagement.


  • Personalised messages are received more warmly. Use client names and where appropriate sign off from a person. ie “Hi Susan I have a few spaces available for colour this week & would love to offer you £15 off. See you soon. Jane from The Salon”
  • A clear message is essential. If you are offering an incentive state this obviously. 
  • Next Step – tell your client what to do next. “Book now on… or click here to book online” 
See below how we do it with Advantage Pro…

Non Returner Smart Campaign

Automatically contact clients when they are overdue for their next booking. 

Our completely automatic campaigns will run daily contacting clients who have stopped visiting and incentivise them to return. 

You can also get real time response rates to see how successful your campaign is. 

Christmas Bookings

Start your own Christmas rush now and avoid waiting till the last minute.

This is doubly frustrating as often your clients won’t be able to get in when they want and you are working flat out at the last minute because the build up started too slowly. 

Identify clients that have visited in the last 6 months and have no booking in the lead up to Christmas. Then remind them that you are getting really busy and if they want to get a booking it would be best to book. 

See below how we do it with Advantage Pro…

Kickstart your Christmas rush now!

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