Keep your salons clients when a hair stylist leaves!

Most hairdressing salon owners have experienced that sinking feeling when a hair stylist “asks for a word” and then get an envelope containing their resignation.

The impact on your salon performance will vary depending on the size of their clientele, whether their clients are loyal to them and what influence they have over your salon team?

Are they moving to a hair salon nearby or perhaps opening their own business? In which case will they poach any of your stylists?

Up till this point your soon to be ex-stylist has been in control. Spending time “friending” your salon clients on Facebook and whispering their plans. It can sometimes feel that you are the only person to not know and it’s your salon!

Creating a “what if” or contingency plan will give you a series of tasks to implement as soon as you know the team member is leaving.

Some team members generate more sales than others so your plan will benefit from more than one direction. It can seem like a disaster when one hair stylists leaves and with another less so, or can even a bit of a blessing. The strategy you adopt will reflect this.

What we know is that this is going to happen, we just don’t know when. Put your plan together in advance and then when you do receive the news that a member of your salon team is moving on you know what to do.

Create a checklist:

How many of your salons’ clients are likely to follow?

Be realistic. If this team member is well liked, busy and established they will have influence over their clients and get many of their clients to follow them.

Therefore to get the attention of these clients you will need to be generous to grab their attention. If your stylist is less established you can afford to offer less incentives.

Ask yourself, “If I were my stylists client what would incentivise me to stay?”

A salon client’s true value comes from their lifetime value. It may be necessary to incentivise in the short term to keep their long term business.

The most appropriate stylist to look after your client will probably not be the most available. Ensure that your client gets an experience equal or improved than they have become accustomed to.

Example Stylist Leaving Contingency Plan.


Notice Period – it can be very inconvenient but the busier your stylist is the more prudent to ask to leave immediately.

Day 1. The day your stylist leaves.

1st Contact – contact clients booked with the stylist leaving immediately and offer a small incentive for them to visit with a recommended alternative stylist.

2nd Contact – contact stylists regular clients who have visited during the last 3 months and have no future booking. Offer a small incentive with your most suitable stylist.

Day 28. 4 weeks after your stylist leaves

3rd Contact – after 4 weeks contact your ex-stylists clients who have last visited between 1 and 4 months ago and no future booking. At this point increase your offer or incentive to make it a little more attractive to them.

Day 60 – 2 months after your stylist left

4th Contact – after 2 months contact clients who have last visited between 2 and 5 months ago and no future booking. Make your offer more attractive. Many of these clients previously loyal to your salon business are now spending money elsewhere.

Day 90 – 3 months after your stylist moved on

5th Contact – after 3 months contact clients who have last visited between 3 and 6 months ago and have no future booking. You have pretty much lost these clients so to get their attention be as generous as you dare even if it means looking after them for free! Just remember if you do roll out the red carpet you want them to stay.

This marketing strategy is well proven and will ensure your salon business retains the most possible clients when a hair stylist moves on.

As a salon owner we all hope that we do not need this particular tool. However it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. At Salon Advantage Salon Software we have built a Team Leaver package into our Salon Advantage Pro Marketing suite. All of the content, filters and schedules are set and waiting for when you need them. When you get that letter simply activate the campaigns and get on with your day in the knowledge that the right clients are being contacted at the right time with the right offer.

Increase Salon Sales During Summer Holidays

Modern technology is great, but destroying modern technology is even better!

Scarcity, be it perceived or real has been used as a successful marketing tactic by luxury brands for some time.

Apple create limited availability every time they produce a new iPhone or MacBook, and nobody buys a Rolex because they need to know the time.

As a salon owner you will almost definitely have hair stylists and beauty therapists taking their summer holidays. This can be a double edged sword, your colleagues need and deserve a break but being away may well impact their commission and quite probably your salon performance.

This is a great opportunity to create some perceived scarcity in your salon. By identifying a team members clients that are due book in the near future but do not currently have a booking you can create a list of clients who are likely to respond to a notification that their hair stylist will be unavailable for a couple of weeks very soon and has limited space now and is already very busy when they return.

In Salon Advantage Pro we have simple to use marketing filters that will send text and email to a hair stylists clients letting them know that their stylist is going away and has limited space advising them to book.

This week one of our clients did exactly this and within 4 days of running the campaign had secured £1695.00 in additional bookings.

We’d be delighted to help you do the same.

5 Ways to Increase Client Frequency in Your Hairdressing Salon

How often your clients visit your salon will dramatically increase your salon business performance and the levels of success your hair stylists and or beauty therapists enjoy. Increased salon client frequency reduces the number of clients a team member requires to reach capacity and therefore become consistently fully booked.

All salon team members can positively influence this from a trainee to a hair stylist. Each time a salon client fills a spot a week earlier than they would have the required number of clients reduces. Frequency also resonates well with stylists less motivated by sales and financial targets. It’s a way of offering a more personal service, advising salon clients how to get the best from their style and strengthening the client stylist relationship.

Tip 1 – Rebook clients before they leave the salon

Hairdressing salon clients that do not re-book before leaving have an average frequency of 16 weeks. Salon Clients that rebook before leaving visit on average every 8 weeks.

Successful salons have a rebooking percentage in excess of 60%. This one business habit removes many of the avoidable quiet spells avoiding a famine and feast type of salon business. Measure how many clients rebook for each stylist and practise techniques to improve this. There are many approaches however the first thing that must happen is the stylist will need to lead the conversation as opposed to the client. Put simply ask every client before they leave to make their next appointment.

Tip 2 – Booking Due Reminders

We all like a little nudge from time to time. Create a routine where clients that are due for an appointment but have not yet made one get a gentle chaser. This can be done by post, telephone or if you are running Salon Advantage Pro software an automatic text or email can be generated shortly before your client is due to visit the salon .

Tip 3 – Non Returner Campaigns –

Your clients have lots of choice when choosing a hair salon. As a salon owner your job is to establish and maintain strong salon client relationships. Not all salon clients return, some graze meaning they use more than one salon. Contacting clients that have not returned with an incentive is proven to increase client retention. Contact clients when they are overdue by 50 or 60%. So a client that visits typically every 6 weeks will receive your offer after 9 weeks whereas a salon client who visits only every 10 weeks will receive the same message at 15 weeks. Salon Advantage Pro will provide you with this feature which will run automatically allowing you to set it up and forget all about it.

Tip 4 – Cancellation Follow up

Salon cancelations impact on your salon performance. They are unavoidable but we can reduce the impact with a couple of simple salon processes. Firstly ask “can I rearrange a time now” while on the call. This needs to be implemented consistently by all hair stylists, beauty therapists and support staff. If your client is unable to reschedule at the same time then contact her 3 days after the cancellation and ask her to reschedule. Salon Advantage Pro has a smart campaign that will automatically generate this message by text and or email and include an online booking link.

Tip 5 – Run a Salon Loyalty Scheme

Salon loyalty schemes are well proven to increase client frequency. Typically your salon clients will receive points either for each visit or in relation to their spend. Regular salon clients will then receive either a gift and or reduction by redeeming their points.

3 Tips To Boost Salon Sales

How about a Pay Rise?

Be honest… How many times have you created a plan, made an enthusiastic start and before you know it things have petered out before they really got started?

Make this time different, implement and consistently carry out some very simple strategies that will add extra income to your bottom line.

I have a friend who is a Business Consultant. He works on the assumption that there is always 10% saving in any organisation which bodes well for him as his customers are usually fairly large businesses so a 10% saving will always more than justify his fee.

If there is 10% saving in every business surely with some creativity and applied strategy there must be 10% salon growth.

I have worked with thousands of salons over 2 decades. I can count on 1 hand the number of salons that are fully occupied, maximise every retail and up-sell opportunity, re-book routinely and consistently apply a marketing plan. So assuming you are like 99.9% of salons you probably have the capacity to apply the 10% rule.

Here are some very basic calculations.

The average number of clients per team member is approximately 200

The Average number of visits per year per client is 6

The Average Bill Per Client is approximately £35.00

200 Clients x 6 Visits x £35 Average Bill = £42,000 Net Annual Sales by Team

Add the 10% Rule and you get…

220 Clients x 6.6 Visits x £38.50 Average Bill = £55,902 Net Annual Sales by Team!
That equals £13,902 per team member which is a 33% increase!

The average salon has 5 team members. Achieve this and You have just given yourself a £69,510 pay rise.

3 Tips to increase your average bill

Increase your prices

Many salon owners are nervous of price increases for fear of losing clients. Assuming service levels and technical expertise are maintained very few clients will object and would rather pay your new price than try someone new.

Recommend Aftercare

During the consultation explain to every client (even the clients you know well) what tools or products you will be using to achieve the final result. When you are applying the product stop the conversation, get your clients attention and demonstrate how to apply and how much to use.

Ask at the point of sale ask the client if they too would like to use the product you have used to achieve the same result at home.

Recommend additional services

Suggest an additional service, style, treatment or alternative during consultations with clients.