A report to help you build your business

Discover your salon performance
in 5 key areas.

salon performance report


your most valuable asset that sometimes feels like your biggest blocker. The performance report will detail several key areas that will help you to build the best team you have ever had.


How often your clients visit will dramatically reduce the number of clients you need to be working at capacity. Use this information to understand how to achieve the best possible outcomes from your minimum viable clientele.


Identify which are the important numbers to measure and find easy ways to communicate what is important to your team.


Consistency is at the heart of every successful business person. Michael Gerber in the E-Myth revisited states that you will achieve extreme success if you can get most of your people doing most of what they should most of the time


Increased client lifetime is a powerful tool for achieving ongoing and long standing success. The report will share several ideas with you to keep your clients visiting for longer

Make a plan

Use the strategies and your current score to create a plan to progress your business. What gets measured gets done.