Manage Your Team Easily & Effectively

Team Based Reports and Profile Management

Salon Advantage makes Team management a breeze. Within your Team members profile you can alter anything from the time it takes them to preform a service  through to booking their Christmas hours.

Our reporting suite allows you to accurately track an individual Team members performance. Make your next team meeting a productive one by discussing re-book rates, projected revenues and client retention, which are just some of the many reports available to you, on multiple devices, in our reporting suite.

Our PIN based security system allows you to decide what team members can and cant access. Easily configure a Team members PIN number and allow them access to some areas of your system, while blocking them from others. To back this up, we have full tracking on PIN entry and you can access a full PIN log if required.

The Team Reports Really Gave Me An Insight Into How My Team Are Doing - Claire from Blank Salon